Wall Pocket V3.0 - Dynamic Wallpaper App | Faster & Better | Finally Complete

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WallPocket is a fully manageable wallpaper app were you can get wallpapers according to different categories which is also managed from airtable database

Functions you will get -

  • Category - all wallpapers will load according to the category you choose
  • Set as Wallpaper - you can use any wallpaper as your screen wallpaper without downloading image
  • Download - if you want to download the wallpaper then you can do that too
  • Favorite - if you like any wallpapers and you want to save it as your favorite.
  • Share - you can share the image without downloading
  • Credit Link - you can give credit to users by redirecting user to its original source

Upcoming Update Info -

  • Login and SignUp
  • Request Wallpaper Upload


App Store/Download link:

WallPocket.apk (5.3 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

You are welcome to test this app and provide your good and useful opinion and suggestions.


This is really amazing waiting for the AIA

THANKS… @pavelalam401

AIA file is now available for download,

download link is given in the Tech CVR app at Google Play Store [Search for WallPocket in the AIA section]

of follow this video link - YouTube

hello and how do you get the icons into the cards, if i load a font (ttf file) into it and put i the word for the icoj, i get only the word for the icon not the icon.

i used material icon, and i didn’t use any ttf file, material icon is already supported by kodular, you just have to use the right name.

ohh ok you use the component what is integrate.i use an extension bc it is easier to use, bc with the original component you have to put for each item an own arrangement. WIth the extension you have a bloch where you can put in a list and for each element the vlock generate a own card.

@techcvr Should update your product to contain my Icons :yum: They look wonderful.

if i understand you correctly then let me clear one thing here, i just used the card view extension (Type 3) - which contains the button option, if you want to show icons then make a list of icons with material icon name like the image below -

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you made your own icons…? i would like to see your work…,

it will be great if you share a link to your icons here…


I think @hammerhai is talking about this :point_down:



¡¡Increíble trabajo!! Pero, ¿cómo puedo hacer si quiero agregar más fotos y categorías? perdon por mi ignorancia en el tema

Do you have the base to share air?

you can add more categories and photos in airtable database

[Puedes agregar más categorías y fotos en la base de datos de airtable]

check out my blog post -

if you need personal help then PM me

How You Position the exact data on the next screen “set” from “wall” screen after picking the card

using json tools

Update - 21-01-2019

  • Set As Wallpaper Option Updated
  • Few Unnecessary Blocks removed

download the latest version from the above link

hello wallpapers do we have the option to enlarge? Can we zoom in?