Material Icons Outlined (FREE)

Yes, you heard it, right guys! Material Outlined Icons are here for free. Today, I was wondering, heck why not make the font since Google hasn’t. So here it is along with the codes:

HTML Property must be on! (69.5 KB)



TLDR; icons.

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What des that mean?

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It’s a joke. :man_shrugging:
Literal meaning: Too long, didn’t read; icons. A TLDR is usually provided for long posts to summarize for those who don’t want to read all of it. Your 31 screenshots (taking your word for it, I just scrolled fast af) were pretty long, so I gave the TLDR, which is actually meaningless for this case.


I still am not understanding :joy:

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I’m gonna try adding it like Material Icons, like the icon name instead of needing HTML enabled as Thunkable doesnt have that, I dont think.


Hi, take a look in this tool []. It makes pretty easy and fast building your own icon library from svgs or other vectors and including creating ligature elements for them (through ligatures, you can call an icon by typing a text “name”). This tool also export CSS and json for other uses.

I made my custom lib for my current app what made possible to switch from using images to a custom font in my components. BEST - SWITCH - EVER - MADE. Saves a ton of space in the final APK and makes it really easy to reference the elements you need. And more.

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Do you understand, this is a topic for the icons themselves? The font is done, I don’t need another tool. Thx anyway though.

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You said you wanted to add them like the material icons with their names and not their HTML codes.

I suggested that tool to help or expedite the creation of the ligature files for those icons. You would just need to import the ttf, select the icons and name them.

Anyway. Thanks for the work done.


With the tool Im using, I can already do that… I was too lazy too today.

See :smiley:




New Icons have been released!

I actually made these by myself in my Design Editor, yes they have them on their Site however, for some reason they just all turned black so I fixed them myself. Give some icon suggestions below!

U+E3A2 is 
U+E3A3 is 
U+E3A4 is 
U+E3A5 is  (69.6 KB)



There happens to be a bug with these. I’ll be releasing a fix for them tomorrow… Maybe more icons, with more issues :joy:

It should’ve been order 5, 2, 4, 3… The current tags hurt my brain.


It goes by the asset ID. I tag them based on the order. If it’s fifth in letter A out of 100 then it’s ਅ

I mean you named the icons wrong.

No I did not. The icons aren’t being named by their number of strokes… Their named from the place their in.

Thank You very much

Exactly. That’s the problem.

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Can’t we use all the icons without the HTML property?

I’m making a Windows tool which you can select Material Icons, original Material Icons don’t need to HTML. So I can add to my listview without any problems.

I decided to make a tool for everyone because according to your list, this is hard to find an icon.

But I can’t add outlined ones. Because outlined ones need HTML property.