I need help [ Spreadsheet ]

Hey guys,

I’m new here and i want to create a wallpaper app.
But i dont know how i do this.
I searched all over the place but I could not find it. Then watched the video on YouTube and found out about the airtable. Then I try to get data from Airtable and Cloudinary but data did not come to my app.
I’m doing this from 1 month but I did not get any result.
So please help me from this…:pleading_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob:

Show your blocks, what you have tried ?


Screenshot of Airtable database where data stored

Are you using just Kodular or Thunkable Classic as well? Because you’ve asked the exact same question on their Forum here.

I’m using both :v:

Can you explain why? Thunkable Classic is closing in July this year.

Check that your column names are written correctly in the GetColumn block.

Check your Airtable table for empty cells. If there is an empty cell you don’t get the data.


Really have you searched??