Wallpaper app not working with admob and spreadsheet

good evening everyone I need some help from you I created a wallpaper app with spedrsheet but when I generate the apk the admob and the spreadsheet photos don’t work on the app but when I do the test on the companion the app works very well with admob and spreadsheet

i need heeelp ;s

howdy, have you got approval for using ad components? also elaborate a bit on

thanks mr david for your answer
I created a wallpaper application using spreadsheet and airtable data base and when and as soon as I added admob banner the gridview with the images does not work knowing that when I do the kodular companion test the application works very well but as soon as I generate the apk the application the image is not displayed including ladmob too

I removed the image with your api keys. Why would you post that? Everyone could manipulate your airtable.

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yes mr peter yes you are right just this problem really panicked me

Are you using paid airtable version? Why do you set 50000? Airtable free limit is 1200 only… Do you have any empty cell value in airtable?

This extension if not mistaken is paid. Did you buy that extension that you are using? If not then it won’t work as apk


non only free airtable version … even if id do 1200 the apk doesn’t work :s

I did not know that this extension is paying, I download them on youtube aia version

Do you have permission to use the images from wallpapercave?

This is from their website.

Direct hyperlinking to images and other large files hosted by WallpaperCave.com is strictly prohibited without our permission.

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no i dont have any permission just i wont test the application using airtable data base

Also in order to get data from airtable you can not have empty cells, rows or colums

did you checked?

the solution !! to deleted ?

Do you need those colums? If not delete them

id dont need it … I delete them but the problem still persists

Then you are violating the Kodular TOS. You could have used other images for a test so i still think you seriously want to use these.


Yes i was just going say the same thing @Peter
@Media_Prime_social_media You can use non copyright images there are so many websites that offer free images i also got so many

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@Peter I just wanted to do the test after what I learned on youtube `` aritable with kodular ‘’ overwork when this method and it works I will make images with permission to avoid any problem with kodular and also google play