Admob Ads Bug Notification

All Admob Ads Bug on the kodular eagle 1.4.1 Are fixed.
If you are having issues with Admob Ads,Just make sure that your app-ads.txt is connected


Are you sure?! As far as I know, using App-Ads.txt is optional.

Am sure it compulsory now

i remember 2 month ago,My ads just stopped showing and i thought it was because i did publish on playstore until this recent event.
After the Version 1.4.1 update,my ads wasn’t showing again but i had my app on playstore.
So,i had app-ads.txt done and it was showing within minutes.
My first account 2 month ago that ads stopped showing, i did the same and it was showing again within hours…

Remember App-ads.txt was meant to prevent fraud

High recommended is a strong recommendation.
Ads start showing and anytime it can stop showing.

It doesn’t really mean your app will stop showing Ads without implementing App-Ads.txt!

Anyway, I will look at it…

Give it a try and you will see for yourself
I was surprised,My old account started showing ads again after implementing app-ads.txt but i had to cancel the account for the new one

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I will try…

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i need help with Airtable
Hope you can help?

Search community first… If you find no solution then create a new topic.

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