Admob Interstitial ads not showing

kodular eagle 1.4.1
Interstitial advertising still not working

It’s a bug and will be resolved asap.

thanks waiting

I wonder when it’s gonna be updated.

1.4.1 is just arrived! It may take some time to upgrade to 1.4.2!

thanks waiting

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That’s right, AdMob ads don’t appear at all. My income doesn’t exist today. The ads only show coded unity ads … this is unfair

unity ads cause low match rate

I have already published on Playstore. Do I need to make another release later?

Yes, you have to release a new version after bugs get fixed.

am also facing this problem since 2 days…

How much time to upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 have ads problem in my app

Is thr any updates about Admob ads not showing problem?

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Any updates about admob interstitial ads not showing

Right now my admob interstitial ads not showing

We know it. Why? We are all wizards… NOT :face_with_monocle:

Instead of say it is not working… why dont you show what you tried? Your blocks? Anything else?
We are NOT wizards…

I don’t understand what you want to tell me.

Please just tell me admob interstitial ads status working fine. Than i try my self if not any bug available in admob intertitial ads.

You should read before answer

@Mika any update on this issue? Has it been fixed now or not? I am using below blocks, banner ads working fine