Admob ads not showing

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Please don’t post this question again & again. First search in forum then only post the question…

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forum link

This is the forum (aka the Community)
Use the search function in the top-right of the screen

My Question is this is problem in kodular ? or in just my app

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Its a bug. Kodular already working on it. Next time search in forum using search option then only post your questions…

but kodular release today new update this problem also have in this update 1.4.1

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Admob banner only.

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Is admob banner working fine?

but in my app interstitial ads can’t showing

Is your app is on play store or approved by the kodular?

This is a bug and will be resolved asap.

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My Application Available on play store

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Send download link to check…

show your blocks please…


Checked your app. Don’t you set any banner Ad on your app?

banner ads also set but can’t showing

Another app where there seems to be only one interest and that is showing ads. Admob doesn’t like apps with to many ads and apps of low quality.

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