Admob Ads Not Showing

hello, suddenly my all apps do not show AdMob ads. What is the problem? Adsence and AdMob working fine. Please Help me if anybody has a solution.

Hi Dear,
Please show your app blocks.

Use Ad Failed to Load block & check what error returns.

my apps and ad working fine from last 7 days but suddenly today ads not show.

I think Admob problem. If you are facing this problem still then you need to create a new Admob account. Because i faced same problem then i create a new account and i putted new admob Ads id’s now working fine.

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can we make new account with same details . I am also facing same problem.

Admob will reject your account if you put the same details. Create new account with new email and also add new contact email which is not registered on Admob. This is my advice. :+1:

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Okk… It is confirm after that it starts work properly… Ads are shown or not

Bro for me it’s working. Try it…:+1: