Admob ads not showing

Anyone has same problem as me my admob ads request are too much but ads showing very low after Kodular eagle update.

  • Yes, i have this issue
  • No, I don’t have this issue
  • I have solution of it
  • this is a issue of admob
  • this is a issue of kodular

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The only solution for now is to publishing the old version again until problems get fixed.

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I add ads in eagal update

same with me also

After Creating my new App and Testing it out
All components where working fine and Test Ads was displaying perfectly.
Then after publishing my App on Playstore,i noticed that Pageviews was counting but Impression was not reading on my Admob account.
After checking my App,i got the error message “Ads request was successful but failed to displayed”

It been 5 days and it still the same since then

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I also has this issue any soloution

No solution so far…
We hope @Diego will address it soon