Admob Ad Request vs Impression

I published a app on Google Play 2 days ago. Today I was looking to Asmob report. As per report, my app sends 7.62K ad requests. But impressions are only 117. Match rate is 1.80% .
What is this happening? Is it dangerous for my Adsense?

Why would it be dangerous? It’s just that your fill rate is low most likely because of the location of the users or the content of the app.

Nothing to worry about this matter?

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nope its alright

Same problem in my app also

i am also facing this issue

It depends on when you’re loading ads. I fixed it changing ad loading orders and when to load.

how you change order dont understand

Means, I am not loading the ads on any particular activity (such as On Button Click). It only shows on a clock timer ending.

A screenshot or An Example would be of help
i faced this same issue and really killing my account

Wait a while…

Do i have to put the set clock?

Yes, you’ve to set clock with a longer time. Suppose if you set clock timer to 50secs, Interstitial ads will be displaying in every 50secs.

what time did you set yours?

2 minutes. But, it depends on what kind of app you’re creating and how much time your users stays in one screen.

For me, users stays average 270 seconds (as per my experiment) on one screen. So, they will watch 2 interstitial Ads. :slightly_smiling_face:

remove the ad failed to load block that is casing more request.

I tried another app creation platform and it was showing perfectly
is this another kodular bug because this isn’t playstore error

What is the problem in requesting more ads? :thinking: