Admob Ad Request vs Impression

when you request again and again for ad to load then not every request gets accept. I was having the same issue but when I removed the ad failed to load block it works perfectly.

But, this block has no work if your ads gets loaded in first attempt.

Yes, but sometimes it doesn’t load and you have added the failed you load block which requests to load ad again and again which causes increase in request.

No, it’s only for backup… Why your ads are failing to load again and again? Investigate before you say!

Do i have to put Set Banner visible to True?

Not really! :wink: These blocks has been created on previous version! :sweat_smile:

i will try out the kodular Ads system and see if it works fine instead of signing apk on Playstore

You should not do that! It’s clearly an admob violation. Your interstitial ad pop-ups suddenly, and can get an accidental click from the user. The user was not ready for the interstitial ad. Sudden pop up of interstitial ad during the user activity is not acceptable according to the admob policies!
Please have a look on best practices to show interstitial ad(In admob policy center).


:joy: Are you serious??! I mean, I am not a new user of Admob!

It’s clearly not a violation of Admob policies by any manner .

Interstitial ads always pops up at a sudden! :wink:

It’s been more than 3 years I am with Admob and never seen such policies.

Reading it from last 3 years. :blush:

My admob ads not showing

What Argument is going on?

@krish.jha Any idea?! :thinking:

Wow What A Story He Made
There Is nothing like that
but yes there is one rule sudden pop but it dont applies on your app
it is when you gave task like click screen 100 times continuously and a ad popup

@asimjib93 is right

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