Airtable spreadsheet not working in app

Hello i have a bug can anyone fix it. I have made an app linked with airtable spreadsheet. All coding and everything is correst but it doesnot work. The spread sheets data is not seen in the app. Plz anyone help.
Aia file is here: lopomovies.aia (50.8 KB)

I checked your aia and i correct some mistakes but still i can’t get your data, that means that your database has some problems. So upload a screenshot of your database or check if you have empty cells or rows. Also check the columns names and the table name if it’s the same as in the blocks.

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Thank you can you send me corrected one aia file.

But it will not work if you don’t correct your database
lopomovies.aia (50.7 KB)

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It’s all correct there but…

Can you provide a print screen of your database?

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You have what’s app we can talk easily there. Edit by Mod, use PM.

Don’t post personal info on the community. What kind of movies are you showing in your app? If they are illegal copies then your app will never be approved to serve ads or anything and you can loose your developer account.


not illegal

Can you show some proof of that?

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what kind of

here u go

Your screenshot says enough. The titles are for commercial movies. Do you have a license to spread them? Or what does your app do?

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it gives information and link of the movies which are in youtube.

The answer is in the second post. You have empty rows in your database. Delete rows 4 and 5.


tnaks friendd

how can i open the link when it is clicked? please help

image is not showing in the app

If they are illegally on youtube it is still illegal to show the links so your app will never be approved to show ads.


who said you that it is published illegally in youtube