(ask) how to open link at airtable

Halo all Master Kodular

I have try to make Table at Airtable, and with 3 spreadsheet. i have error at step 3, Meant at step 3, user can open link inside my app.
here is

my block

When i try at companion there is error

i have succes to Open Quote 1 == > Quote To Link 1 , ==> Error

IS there my mistake? Please Your Kind Help

Thank You


The error tells you that you have an empty list.

Thanks a lot for your reply… that what i so confused, may i know where is my mistakes?
LIS_PROMO.aia (16.3 KB)
here is my aia

Quote 1 only working…

for other quote no such table so it wont work… Ok?

Thank a lot for your response, i have try your solution at this discuss, but it not work for me

i have set 3 spreadsheet, meant to set the LINK Table. but there is some mistake with my code.
Please your kind Advice with my aia. Thansk a alot

Wow, i have seen your video, thats very awesome. how you can made like that ?

just test this
LIS_PROMO1.aia (22.4 KB)

in your airtable you have ony quote1 table but no table for Quote 2,3,4&5, so i repeat it wont work. Just use dictionary method. Mehtod Credit to @pepocero LINK And for the extenstion credit to @Mohamed_Tamer LINK

Wow thanks a lot, you are a really Expert… thanks a lot Master @Still-learning , and thanks a lot @deanart2012 for your attention. thansk a lot kodular community… i have solve, and i marked this solution for all.
Thanks a lot once again.

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