Open a link directly in webview via airtable

I need help
Open a link directly in webview via airtable

Welcome to community. What have you tried so far ? Post a screenshot of your blocks

A simple example can be seen here

Transferred more than once in the blocks
I don’t know the correct way
I just want to open this link directly in the webview
And the link is in the first row in Airtable
And thank you very much in advance

I don’t want to open the link through ListView or Gridview
I just want to open the link in the webview directly
And it has no link in Airtable .

can you help me ?

What is called here as start value?
Is the start value having the link? If so what are you getting , then, from airtable here?

Move the go to URL from screen init to when airtable got value.
Set web viewer go to URL select list item list (get value) index 1

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I did as you said
and no use
Have you tried it?

Show me what have you tried

Try this way


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When you use get cell you must use when spreadsheet got cell not when got row

I thank you very very much
It works well
I really thank you very much
You helped me solve many problems
I’m so sorry I’m still a beginner and I’m learning from you

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Since you used col, I advised to set up blocks like this

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Thank you so much it works too
I’m so sorry, I didn’t quite understand the method
Now both methods are working fine
Thank you very much

This is how it was requested
I really thank you all for your cooperation and assistance and the problem has been resolved
Both methods are very good

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