Trying to load a webpage using Airtable

Have tried using Airtable to open up a webview. So far, I have connected both screens together but I can’t seem to get the value from my Airtable to load on the webview.

I’ll be glad by any help offered. Here’s my used blocks

blocks (1)

See you block, you are sening only a boolean ( Yes or No)

Please take any specific item from the global link into the startValue

Sorry pls, I do not understand you.
Is there something i’m missing ?

yes a lot…

in this block out of 10 items i am taking the first item only to next screen

Let me try this i’ll give a feedback.

actuvally what you are displaying in list view?
I mean google, yahoo like that? if so then need to adjust the block in some places

What i want to display is “Get Link” from the Airtable database

show your airtable struture pls (screenshot)



Sorry for late reply.

Let me try this and give another feedback.

Trying your blocks, the screen no longer show any list from Airtable.

Trying to fix the problem, i now get the errors

“Select list item: List index too large”
'Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of lenght 0: ()

@Still-learning I followed your tutorial at How to Open Web Viewer through link from Airtable to ListView with Image and Text Component? - #20 by Still-learning but still same error.

Very strange, click on both variable and check up whether you are getting values or not in it

Make sure you do not have empty cell or row, api key, base id and table view are entered exactly :100:

Everything is correct over here. Still same error.

can you share your demo aia here or in pm?

it says “Sorry, Still-learning is not accepting messages at the moment.”

  1. You have not filled values in spreadsheet 2 and 3 also single component lone is enough. In your spreadsheet 1 you are having only two columns but you have tried to get Image column .

How is it possible? I have modified pls see to that. Since you didn’t have image col i manualy added image


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Okay… Let me give that a test and see my errors. I’ll give a feedback