Kodular listview with airtable

I want to add airtable to a kodular listview like this but am not succeeding. There will be number

1, thumbnail,
2, places will have my written title.
3 When someone clicks on this listview it will open the app screen webview.

Or will take the browser out of the app through the activity starter. I’ve googled and researched but can’t. Can someone help me to create a screen like this?

My airtable column is :-

1/ image
2/ title
3/ link

Thanks you

Call All three Lists and store in variable. Now Display the Thumbnail & Title. When the list view item is Clicked, then Webview. Url will be the select item in list url’s of index

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i can’t, Can you please make me a screen like this? If you have time please make a screen like this. So that I can see and put it in my app.

Thanks you :heart:

I will share the Blocks I cannot make entire Screen. alternatively I suggest you to use List View With Image. Although my suggestion would be to try it out yourself. You will learn atleast

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Yes, can you please share me the blocks screenshot. I will make accordingly.

Here Are the Blocks

Don’t forget to set the activity starter’s action

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Is it Working??

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Are you saving the links in the list please share airtable blocks or aia

When you click on the listview here. Then it will open the webpages screen from the listview screen, and the image, title, subtitle in the listview will be displayed on the webpage screen. How to do it?

I have done a bit below but it is not working. :sweat_smile:

screen 1 listview click

screen1 listview click open webpage with value

open webpage screen show image, title, subtitle

Thanks you

Share the Blocks that saves airtable data. Or share aia

This blocks

?? Please share aia in PM

Ok send message fb MD Rakibul Hasan Rony

Thanks you,

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