[Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Json To Dictionary Extension

Release date : 2020-10-24T23:00:00Z
Last Update Date : 2020-10-24T23:00:00Z
Current Version: 1
Min. Api version : 1 ( Works on every android version :wink: )
Ending Date :bomb: : ( When kodular add it as a built in block )


Hello, every one ! Today i release my very first extension ! Json To Dictionary , i actually made it after seeing this topic : Request for JSON decode to dictionary, to parse json text to dictionaries till kodular bring this block , @WatermelonIce and @The_K_Studio requested me to share it in a new topic ( actually i didn’t release it because i thought it would be added in one week or something ) , but until this block is here, you can feel free to use my extension :wink: There are some other possible ways with kodular’s built in blocks : Kodular has removed Json component? But it might return wrong results as in this thread: JSON text decode problem, i actually published the extension here before : Request for JSON decode to dictionary in 2020-08-03T23:00:00Z, but now i rewritten and optimize the code a lot, so it works more properly.


Just 2 blocks :man_shrugging:



component_method (93)

Decodes the given JSON text into appinventor dictionary.
Returns: Object ( a list of dictionaries if it was a JSON array, an empty string if there was an error, a dictionary if it was a normal JSON.
jsonText (String): The json text to decode.


component_event (24)

Fired when an error occurs while decoding the JSON text.
error Message (String): The error that occurred.

How to use it?

Here is an example with a json api ( http://worldtimeapi.org/ ) about how to use it:

P.S: the clock just for updating the time, the error occurred event is used to detect that the web component threw an error, for ex: there was no internet connection.

Don’t know about dictionaries?

Dictionaries are much powerful then lists and it’s really useful for JSON apis, if you don’t know about Dictionaries, go and check this guide:

Download Links

AIX : io.mohamed.JsonToDictionary.aix (6.3 KB)

How it works with a json api ( http://worldtimeapi.org/ ):

AIA : JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries.aia (49.8 KB)
APK: JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries.apk (5.5 MB)


I hope you liked this extension! I would like to thank
@The_K_Studio @WatermelonIce for asking me to release it in a new topic :sweat_smile:
@AI2 for their JsonUtils class , which i have used in my extension.
And any one who liked this extension , too!
Also for :kodular: for this amazing platform :grinning:
Actually that was my very first extension ( it was released almost 3 months ago) so i’m sorry if it have any bugs :sweat: If there is any, please report it here :wink:

Note: this extension would be obsolete when kodular implement it as a block.It won’t cause any conflict but it would be no longer useful.

Mohamed Tamer


great extension also!

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how do you create a table of contents?

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Thanks :grinning:


Create / Edit a topic, click the settings icon , and then choose Insert Table Of contents :
The items in the table, are indicated by making the item you want a heading using markdown ( # ) or html ( <h1>, <h2>,etc.), for example:

# My item 1
Some text
Some text
# My Item 2 
Some Text 
Some text

You can also create nested items this way:

# My item 1
Some text
Some text
## My Sub Item 1
Some text
# My Item 2 
Some Text 
Some text

You can change the number of # to specify the heading size in mark down or the number beside h to specify the heading size in html <h1>, <h2>

i put # generally, on my extension i done it and no table of contents.

### right?

You should add this first :

Any ways, let us don’t go #off-topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great extension :partying_face:

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Awesome extension.
Great work.

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Thank you so much for this extension :heart: It has helped me so much (especially handling large amount of data)

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Awesome work man! :heart_eyes: Very useful extension.


Great extension, @Mohamed_Tamer! :+1:


First extension???
:thinking: :smile:


That is the first in this community, it is just a reupload with a new topic :sweat_smile:

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Very Helpful Extension

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Yes I know that. A traditional copy-paste mistake


Nice extension.
The name of the block is so long.
String2Dictionary will be nice

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Edit: This method seems not working always.

We can also do it like this.

blocks (74)


Not always, see why here…


Thanks @Stormi @marco_tanzi @WatermelonIce @The_K_Studio @FahadAhmad @Srrazmi @Vaibhav @sonumohammad333 @AryanGupta for your posts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And every one else how liked this extension :grin:

It’s really my first extension to share in the community :grin: But actually I didn’t create a new topic for it, that’s why I said it’s my first extension :blush:

Thanks for your suggestion , I will consider renaming it , in the next update maybe 1