Can't getting any data from airtable in bangladesh

Hello Koder!
I’m a newbie and learning new things. Whenever i tried to use airtable to fetch data into the app, it’s loading all the time and nothing showing up. I tried some pre made aia files like, recipe app wallpaper app, status app. they are using firebase as their database. but when i add my on airtable info, then nothing happening. i think this problem is for only Bangladeshi users. any solution for this?

No you are wrong

Show us what you have edited

I think its a problem with airtable, as far as I know it’s too slow try using Google sheets

I just added my own api key and base ID. but nothing happening after that

Maybe this can help you

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Also check airtable key, base id , table name and columns names. Finally check if your spreadsheet has empty rows or empty cells

I tried this with some aia files

any video tutorial for this?

No I don’t have it :confused:

Without posting your blocks or a test aia no one will be able to help you

Check your table name that must be different ? If yes then correct it

Did you changed the blocks in order to call data from spreadsheet instead of firebase ?

extremely sorry. that was my typing mistake. that would be airtable not firebase

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Please give me some time, i will share my blocks and aia file with you

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Problem solved, spreadsheet had an empty row

how to mark this as solved?

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