Problem with airtable

Hey guys, I’m working on a app for a long time and i just finished it. But when i just tried to get into my app,it doesn’t opening and stuck in a opening screen. I talked with a developer,e said that it is a problem with airatable. It doesn’t getting data from airtable. I checked all the keys,API and tables. Everything is fine still app doesn’t responding.

Can anyone please tell me that, What should I do now? Is there any setting in airtable?

Here is a screenshot

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There is nothing in your post that can help us to understand the problem. Do you really think you posted enough resources to get help from community?

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Try adding a row ,Dont leave it empty

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You don’t give us much detail. We’re not magicians.

First of all in airtable you can’t have empty cells because you don’t get data, and your table is empty (and with one row all empty)

You don’t show us your blocks either. What blocks do you use for the screen startup?

You should put an IF to check that if you don’t receive airtable data then the app will do something else.

Hey can u recheck your table name is same as in kodular . Recheck or try to remove and readd spreadsheet components