Air table error

When I am connecting the airtable I am not getting the data from it please help

Why not show the blocks where you get the link from your airtable?

Hey man, what is this? This two blocks are not the all you’ve to use to get data from Airtable.

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As I can see that you have some empty rows in Airtable.

if you have any empty field in airtable sheet,it will not work,must fill or put - or zero instead of leaving empty or sending empty data

Do it like this

i am not getting any data even after removing the empty column. I am even not getting the notification for response code

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i think column name is not right which you are getting from x, is not equal to column name which set in airtable, try to show that x in a lable and match that to column name is it same?

Yes the column name is maths and the column in the airtable is also maths (Capital)

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in that table no 1 is filled but no 2 and 3 is empty delete that empty rows, leave only filled rows

fill these or delete these

Can anyone help me? I have a Kodular application with Airtable. As soon as the app opens the spreadsheet information, even after making any changes to the spreadsheet the app loses communication with it. I have tried several configurations but to no avail. Could someone tell me where I’m going wrong? Thank you in advance!

you maybe creates any blank cell or row in airtable, thats why

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