Airtable data is not fetching

I am getting the data from Airtable but it is not working I try do change some blocks but is still not working

Hello, I would like to help you but I need more data, especially when you indicate which column you want, can you show more blocks?

You have any empty cell?

Check your blocks. You are calling data from Airtable in a strange manner! :roll_eyes:
Now, please don’t say that the above screenshot is not yours! :sweat_smile:

No even it’s not giving me the notifier alert of response code


Please give me some solution

You create one column and add all data with $. But i think it will be easy to coding, if create diffrent column for every single data, and call one after one or togather.

But I can’t understand it is not even giving the notifier alert


Airtable example from one of my project. Its may help you