Airtable Connection Error

Im not able to get data from Airtable. These are blocks i have used.

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Send preview of your database and must check details filled in all you airtable component


I’m using three spreadsheet Api key,base Id and table name are same.

Please suggest any mistake.

Row 3 is empty, fill it first after that app will get data from airtable.

This question is asked many times in community. Search on the community.

Actually i have asked this quetions few months ago :sweat_smile::wink:

This didn’t work.

Actually i didn’t find. Can you please suggest solution rather than comment like this.

Try changing column name from image to Imagee (name of column in first airtable photo)


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You cannot use hindi language in airtable use english

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Thank you it helps.
But after this error is showing