Created an app using Airtable spreadsheet but the result is not coming in app

Hello one and all.
I am Rachit.
I have created an app using Airtable and connected it with kodular. First when checked the app through kodular companion and also through .apk everything was completely fine but when I updated the records of airtable the app screen was completely white nothing was able to see except the title and side menu layout of the app. I have used Colintreelistview extension. Please can anyone help me throughout this problem.

Below attachments are code of screen1 , screen2 , screen3 respectively.
Also I have attached Apk for testing and resolving my problem.

Elibrary.apk (5.4 MB)

Thanks in Advance.

Hi to aia, connect with companion ,check your variables them compile into apk. Also do not use the collontree to create elements inside the for each number from to by event, bring it away from the evenet. After creating list just use it create collontree list.

Yes , Actually Now I’ll close the topic because problem has been solved. I also did’nt understand the problem I went to my project and removed all spreadsheet and again putted the spreadsheet and boom!!! my problem was solved.