Unable to get column data from spreadsheet

I tried to fetch column data from spreadsheet several times but the data for that column could not be found.

I tried to fetch the data of ‘Name’ column

These are my blocks code .

And I also checked API key, base I’d and table name several times. And found correct.

Please help me

From first photo it seems that you have an empty row . If you have empty rows or cells in airtable you won’t get any data in your app


Ok then how to fix this

Just add some data in that row.

Either fill row with data as @sudeepbharadwaj121 suggested or delete row if you do not need it


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But I already filled rows - name, thumb, books

Post a screenshot of your airtable spreadsheet. If you do not have any empty cells or rows, then airtable is not configured correctly ( check api key, base id, table name, grid view)

I already checked API key ,base id ,table name ,grid view several times and and found correct

Delete row 2 and row 3 if you have one

Same problem again

This is how an airtable spreadsheet looks like when you have only one row filled


Yup but I am facing same issue again

I unable to got columns data

If you wish post your aia to check it

As I see you have 3 colums name, thumb and book

try this blocks


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Already tried

Actually I can’t give you aia file because this is my project and If I upload, my project will get leaked

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As I come through your post, it seems a wastage of time for members who trying to help you with your problems.

@dora_paz repeatedly saying you to delete any empty row from the DB & you’re not willing to follow that! He requested for AIA, and you got suspicious about privacy!

Please go ahead and try something yourself. Community is helpful only for those who helps members understand their problems first. Read more :point_down:

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thank you friend

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