Ayuda con BD Airtable (Help with BD Airtable)

Por favor me podrian ayudar?
Lo que pasa es que kodular no carga una bd que tengo en airtable, coloco el API y el KEY correspondientes y en la app se queda cargando.

Could you please help me?
What happens is that kodular does not load a bd that I have in airtable, I put the corresponding API and KEY and in the application it keeps loading.

Please check your Airtable API key and database Base ID and type correct column name.
If it is possible, please provide airtable database screenshot and project screenshot so we can understand your problem easily.

I already checked the API and KEY sections and see that they are fine. I identify in the code that the table is named as is and is also fine.

Please provide screenshot of airtable database.

Here’s the error :
You have to fill all the columns in airtable database. Here you have used 3 columns in which 2 columns has data but the other one is empty that why airtable data is always loading in your app. Please fill it first

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Thank you very much friend!

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