Airtable Solution required

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Another earning app…
BTW did you search community before creating this topic?
You could have found tons of topics.

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Earning apps are not supported by Kodular…

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This App is not an earning App
The screen page i screenshot is just meant for Rewarded video to give users Reward (coins)

I wonder how one can Earn from Rewarded Video!

By the way, we will help you fixing your problem… Before that, I am curious to know what users can do with those coins?

The coin give users with enough coins access to Premium(paid) apps for free

Store links to Airtable / Firebase and when user clicks on any button call specific value (link) from there.

Like this?

Yes… You’re right.

BTW, if you store values (links) to Firebase, it gonna very easy to code…

what next?
Should i just link it to kodular project?

My Table will be Web right?

Copy paste Base ID, API Key and then, Code properly! That’s all!

What it means?! :roll_eyes:


Table Name

Yes, you’ve to specify table name too.

i hope this video will help also