Any Kind of Custom List View for just $6 . Just give me a day to deliver!

Hello everyone ,

I see a lot of members need various kind of custom lists for their applications. so i decided to provide them service to create and deliver any kind of custom list they want for just $6 .
This is possible due to my friend and colleague @Souvik_Bera custom listview extention.
You will get the paid extension worth $5 absolutely free with your own custom listview aia file !!

I just need one day to deliver the type of list you want. I will create professional and high quality custom listview for you.
Message me personally right now to get your own customlist .

Here are some of the samples of custom list i created till yet :
Custom list for shayari and status app :

Custom List for Shayari and Status App
Custom List for Leaderboard / Scoreboard

Custom List for Whatsapp / Texting App

Custom List for Offerwall Apps
Custom List for Shopping / Ecommerce App

Custom List for selling digital products.

Warmly ,
Hitesh K. Yadav
Indian Developer

Thanks to @Souvik_Bera


I have authorised Hitesh K. Yadav ( Indian Developer ) to resell extention


Hi @hitesh hitish… souvik-bera refers me to u. I need a custom lis view just like facebook. Can u help me through this???

He is suspended from kodular community, i can give his contact if you pm me.

wy is he suspended ??

Not sure about that… i think due to violation of kodular’s policy or something. I cannot give info.

ok Please provide his contact no

I made an Listview which have linear progress bar but when i put progress value it is showing error amd I think i put every thing rightly can you please how can i use linear progress bar of @Souvik Bera Extension…

i can provide you a list with progress bar. like this

there is a proper way to use progress bar. tell me what kind of list you want with progress bar. i will make it for you.

I already made this kind of list but progress bar problem is i am facing,i purchased extension from you so only this little help i want.

you purchased the extention from me so you should ask for solution personally inbox not in community website.

ok ! sorry for that…

PM hitesh for this. Don’t ask such questions on the community.


sure send me the list screenshot. i will use deep host extension to create it.

Hi I would like to buy a new extesion from you… Can you make a extension for me???. It should be work with firebase…