Is there an expert of custom design list view of @deephost

I am developing an app which shows data thorough custome design list view of @Deephost
I want to add a like or favorite button in its list. And when a user click on it… Its colour gets changed or icon gets changed to red icon.
Can anyone hepl me through this in creating such a button and activity.

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It can’t possible with this extention cause no widget edit option on this extention
This extention can help you

Oooooh its a problem…

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If we somehow can edit widtes then what will be the method to do this can u give an idea?

You can change image of the button.

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you have to tell deephost to add this features

I meant plz show some blocks arrangmnts or simply write its arugemntal form how to do

This block isn’t available on deephost extention

How can i contact with him

You can contact DeepHost By his Email Available in his app i contact several time and he response to me.

Do u have an idea about this issue that i asked ???

No i use this extension but not to much so that’s why i didn’t say that if it’s possible or not with this extension.

He doesn’t reply my any email. I already asked him about some paid extention bug

Can u tell me that on what type of system u r working on…?
Like social or something else

@Zia_Choudhary I can help you PM me
(Private message)