How to add comment/reply option (on pic/video) in app (in kodular ) like tiktok

how to add comment/reply option (on pic/video) in app (in kodular ) like tiktok .


What have you tried? Did you use the SurfaceView component?



And if you want to make a TikTok clone it is not possible.

I think its possible but it takes time for developing logics and also costly due to high video storage
Because i have worked on an app like Facebook and i did everything perfectly just with kodular that was not 100% Facebook but holds most of its basic functions

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You can create that using Floating Action Button.

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This video maybe help you

Please tell me how you added the comment option

Which database are u using??

I tried a lot, but only the share and write option can be added with the floating button.
But I also want to add comment option.
I am currently using firebase and airtable for storage.

Maybe this can be helpful:

Post video with only english language

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It’s possible with deephost extention

I know but i want to add comment option to it how do i do that

Oh no…you missed that

it is possible with extension. get a good extension developer .

this thing need a modification

That wasn’t mine.that was deephost extention.

we the kodular user need a good extention devdeloper.

Yes.deephost is an good devloper. If he give us best then it will be helpful for us.kodular team should talk with him

I think it should be up to you to get in contact with deephost as you are promoting his Extensions everywhere. So in future people can ask you, and you make the contact and the support line. That would be great!


Deephost should start with showing himself on the community and giving support for his extensions. But he doesn’t seem interested in doing that.