How to make Comment system using ChatView

Well first of all I would like to say Hi to everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
Now to move to topic.In this guide I will describe you to make comments system and managing it using your own Database.

What you will need

Here is a list of items/resources you will need before getting started…

How it looks from Designer

Sometimes ago on my one Guide when Aia file download link was not working then users asked for its Design so here is its design…


Following have been used in making this comment system-

  • Button
  • TexBox
  • ChatView
  • Notifier
  • Web
  • Clock

Note:- If you want to show comments in ListView Image and Text then replace ChatView by it

Pre-added rows/tables

If you are continuing this guide then I assume you have created a Table named ‘Comments’ and four rows named as following-

  • Timestamp
  • Id
  • User
  • Comment


Blocks are divided into three parts…

1.Save comment in database


2.Load comments from Datebase


3.Load comments for specific ID


‘runQuery’ Procedure:-

Thanks to @Taifun

Universal ‘Got Text’ event

Procedure to get ‘id’ for Chat View


Thanks Peter for your avtar

Apk for testing

Comments.apk (5.1 MB)

Aia File

Here is Aia file download Link:-

Comments.aia (71.6 KB)

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From Developer

As it is open source so everyone can contribute to this guide and improve it.
Also if you find any bug or have a query then post that here or message me(in personal case)

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Awesome work.

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But I already did this in my app​:star_struck:but normally…

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I simply stored comments in one cell in database and juth gave each post a different id.and work done!just load Comments according to id

MySql has more features than airtable.


that was awesome but complicated. Can you do that with airtable.& use split block to store more data in one row

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Actually airtable is easy to use but has less features than mysql.
But I will try.


Can you explained what’s the different Between airtable & mysql i mean advantage. I didn’t know.plz

Airtable database is the simplest way for making comments system like fb, YouTube. I made it comments with airtable.

Hi … i am using infinityfree hosting and i cant find the MySQL DataBase url and also key
please help me .

how to see this

Url is your site url while key is what you set in the php file.
For more information see this:

can you give an example

Hi , can you give me the php code file

You can find that here: