Comment option in kodular

I want to added coment option in my app.give some ideas that can i create

Use Any Online DataBase To Store Commented Value

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How can i show like comment

It’s Depending On You Thought Which Type Of Comment Section You Want To Create You Can Also Use Different Type Of Listview To Show User Comments That Stored In Your Database

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You can use this free extension


Bro i didn’t understand about post url.where i can find it.

Did you see full video?

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Yep.he got this url from his website i think.i didn’t clear.i watch this vedio many time.but i didn’t understan. Can you explained plz

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So watch video clearly and understand what he is doing because I didn’t try this extension in my apps.

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He is from India and I’m from Pakistan so I just know him due to his youtube channel.

Mark as solution to close topic.


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Do you know which number should i enter as register no when i buy number is 11 digit.i am from Bangladesh

If your number starts from 0 than write your number without 0 and check.

If i give playstore gift card then can you buy extention & give me

Which Extension. Facebook Comment Extension is free not paid.

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Not this one.custom me plz

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you can use same number as you used to register in deep host app

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