Custom Design List View Error

I’m using deep host extension and after this block, I get this type of error anyone can help me, please.

you cant use create layout again if you have used it once, for second time use take another listview component and use that, like custome design listview 2


Okay , but then how to make horizontal view in card view?

Like one card view and in side that many layout

Simply Make Layout Orientation To Horizontal

use cardview block instead of layout

tried but same problem

watch his(@Deep_Host) video for more details, you will find all your answers in that video,

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thank you for helping me

Hello can you also tell me how to make add more list ? I tried many time but showing some errors?

Like when user open app first time i want to load 15records only then after load more?

Better to ask extension developer.

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I asked in comments but not getting reply that’s why I asked here, and by the way I’m talking about list view(all) not just extension .

show your blocks

I have no idea how to add
Load more ? I tried randomly but not works can you give me thread link or any video link?

Deephost isn’t active on this community. He never or nearly ever responds to questions. You better not use his products because of that.


i have seen there is an extension for that by Deep Host (Paid Extension) Recycler View. you can watch his video first and if you find that useful then you can purchase that.

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thanks but i’m asking for other video read my chats

okay thanks

try this

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