Dynamic Grid with Recycle View | Free AIA

dynamic gridview + recycle view with airtable :grin:.

maybe this is what you are looking for :thinking:

dynamic-grid-with-recycle-view.aia (265,1 KB)

dynamic-grid-with-recycle-view.apk (5,0 MB)


deleted post

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Yeah that with deephost extention

I don’t use the deephost extension to display ‘gridview + Recyclerview’

Link is in the top comment column

That was load data like recycleview

right … you can try it

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Nice Work… KEEP IT UP…

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Great work keep it up

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Find this error.

add your list … to 61+ or change the more load value…

I didn’t understand what are you saying

whose comment did you read? :joy: and for whom?

Clear that.that wasn’t clear answer


it lacks a list of airtables … use your own airtable list … because that is my test airtable … so at any time I can change the data …

I am facing the same error with mybown base

show your block … and How is the length of value of your data?

My data length is 47.oh now i understand every time we are calling 10 list item.that’s why it need 50 list item.

Is now the mistake is gone? @msr79526