Dynamic Grid with Recycle View | Free AIA

reduce your 'load value …

can you send your aia I will help improve

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but it looks like it’s the app of the deephost demo application :joy::joy::joy: … not my application … leave deephost recycleview because it lacks in my opinion…

deephost makes thousands of lists. to cover up the shortcomings. . . :joy:
when you reach the list limit. you will always find the same error.

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There are latest movies names what type of work are you doing

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It looks like you are doing something illegal. You will get banned from Kodular and loose your developer account if you spread illegal content.


No i have an database. & i am just trying with it

Facing this error on your aia

Check your procedure … You called the procedure wrong

I didn’t change anything in your aia,just change airtable data

change the name of your procedure that will solve the problem … because I also often change the procedure name randomly … please check my aia and check if what has changed with your aia … and it is very strange if the procedure name changes randomly this is a kodular bug

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I changed all procedure name but same result

Decrease length of your list to 46

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If he want to increase his list more then

You just have to add anything you like

I am telling about this one @okybrontak

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okay, sorry :tertawa:

hi how do we extract the ID and ARG call block in the picture?

Procedures - Kodular Docs @dewturk

I have added to my own application, I have completely loaded all the codes, but there is a white screen

show your block … and what did you change?