Give me an idea for a free extension

but it iss paid jaja. the owner of this topic want to make a free extension :smiley:

  1. Animated Line Chart
  2. bottom navigation bar

Hey @DevYB
I have a best idea for you and its like an challenge because nobody as done this in community extension Developer are working to make this possible. I appreciate you also just give a look on it

See this topic :point_down::point_down:

My suggestion is create extension regarding MySql instead of deephost. It may be help lot of people.

I think MySql extension already exists (I am not talking about deep host extension )

make ftp extension , because :kodular:kodular ftp extension not working properly with all hosting

Extension to translate the application with multiple screens, to multiple languages.

I know that there are already some ways to do this without extension. But a specific extension for that would be nice.


please u can share how to do it without extension

By request, I can think of several.

But something that would be very useful is an extension to be able to use the new cloud firestore databases

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Already an extension for this, but the developer seems to not answer support requests :grinning:

  1. Extension to send whatsapp to group whatsapp (text, image, audio,video, file etc)

  2. Extension to send notification (one signal) to spesific user.


Their is already extension for this

Hi @Earn_Money_online r u sure? show me.
Extension whatapp group or one signal to spesific user. Thx

Search on google i was found this on google

Its no option to send to GROUP, its only to send message to user.

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Why u edit yiur post. I was qoute

this is not answer I need.

I want an explanation of this.

You are going off topic. Don’t spam here

Please try to make extension of payment for cashfree or razorpay people are asking for 200 to 400 rs per extension this will be very helpful for every developer like it please to get fast


I just try to give an idea