Any extension Developer help here!

First thing we donโ€™t need to run our app in background

First see this screenshot :point_down::point_down:

So in above screenshot every VPN create a VPN profile that contains information about server like in this screenshot :point_down::point_down:

But this profile create automatically through app without doing manually to create a profile

When app create a VPN profile this look like this :point_down::point_down:

For testing free VPN profile is here

We can fetch the VPN profile from vpngate to our app using curl URL we will get JSON of available server with hostname and password

In android Vpn setting we see button like connect to particular app VPN profile

In our app when user click on connect button the app will connect the profile with out redirect to android Vpn setting

So kodular app doesnโ€™t run in background and VPN app doesnโ€™t run in background Thier call a request to Android VPN settings to connect a user to vpn after VPN is connected we see message like this :point_down:

So android Vpn setting run that profile which provided by VPN app if app close it doesnโ€™t matter untill we will disconnect from there like this :point_down::point_down:

So we I need an extension to create VPN profile and connect through our app

As I know there are many extension Developer in our community and we always break limit to create history

Runing app in background this impossible until @Atom_Developer make extension and there are many extension Developers who make great extensions which helps a lot

So I appreciate to all extension Developer just give a look on VPN extension

Thank you :blush:

Edit: extension should be free so everyone can use it


Can you clear me more , I Think i can do this

I think an VPN extension works like this :point_down:

  • create vpn profile in Android vpn setting

*That profile contains information about host name and password

*So extension call a request with host and pass to android Vpn settings

*after getting all information to just android Vpn settings will connect with VPN profile

*In this :point_up:t2: between we not need to run our app in background and android Vpn settings will run this profile in background

*If app close it doesnโ€™t matter we will connected to vpn

This is the format how every VPN works


It is tough to create but I will try

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Well I Can Do Thatโ€‹:nerd_face:


@AryanGupta @Androking

If you are working on VPN extension

This will help you

Thank you very much