Need extention VPN maker connector

I want to Create extention that can be used to connect to VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server so as to hide the Network Usage or to be Anonymous from the ISP.

There are many VPN apps out there Eg. Tunnel Bear.or turbo VPN

But to make extention so like as a VPN App which connect the Internet to a Virtual Private server which changes a device IP address Completely.
I wanna build a app that change vpn server on time period, like when user open my app inventor app, he will connected to VPN server whatever UK or US or AU etc…so to continous to app like turbo app, he must Be VPN User, so that I need extention for that, Thank you for every one will help me

You know they’re made with Android Studio?

And have you looked this topic up already? Many have requested a VPN extension.

No I do not know how they did it and I looked before to topic related to it exactly but on appybuilder and I didnot find Solution for it but all I know that any one can do it with Android studio app but I need to make it in kodular Platform so I need extention for that and I didnot find it at all in any place in Google and another Platforms
Can you tell me where I can find the many that have requestes A VPN extentions?

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Look in this Community, not AppyBuilder. I told you that the first time :man_shrugging:

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