Question Related to Open VPN by Shreya

So, I bought OpenVPN Extension from @Shreyaa and i’m facing some issue.

How do i check vpn is connected or Disconneted.
there is no onConnected or Disconnect .

blocks (47)
I asked @Shreyaa what VpnServiceStatus Return. She/he told me it Returns CONNECTED AND DISCONNETED
i tried as you can see in image(Connected Strintg in lower case also in upper case). but didn’t work.

Edit:- Also Facing this Error
Attemp to invoke virtual method
boolean android.content.intent.migrateExtraStreamToClipData(android.content.context) on a null object reference

at start I thought this error is bcuz of Relative layout Extension by @zainulhassan so i removed it , but same error .

Used Extesnion/component in my Project
OpenVpn by @Shreyaa
Lottie Animation

This error is not related to extension.

Show the Screen.Initialize blocks

CONNECTED is correct

Instead of use vpn_status label text use VpnServiceStatus block directly.

The problem is the status change everytime untill vpn is connected.

So VpnServiceStatusgives status text to vpn_status one time only because label text block is not under clock.

You can see the video text changes until vpn connected.

So vpn _status label text have the TCP_CONNECT text only.

Thank you @Shreyaa for the Solution.

also this Error was caused by other extension i used. So Thank You Again :slight_smile:

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