VPN extension?

Someone try to create a vpn extension. It is very necessary.

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Yes please.
And I am working on a VPN app only


VPN is quite expensive.

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Oh! But how much?

Depends. However you can consider use other’s services API.

You can have a look in google search with the keyword “vpn api”

It will be a paid extension.

Yes it will be a paid extension

I think you can create your VPN app by using WebView and searching on Google for VPN free service and then you will get it so you should put it as your home url

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its not working on full phone

If it is your answers mark it as your market as your solution

What do you mean

It will only run on certain web. It will not run on the phone completely.

I’m not find solution ,
i need extension

Yes you are correct

Before creating any post try to search on community

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Community language is English. & for same topic you can’t create several post

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Why u want vpn