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App Store homepage demo - Made with Kodular


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Not available yet

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ohh… calculator aia file with 25 mb of size.

It is just demo for now.

Good work and keep it up good work like this one.
The aia file of this app is free or paid.

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Thanks… aia file will be provided for free. But it will take time to be completed this project.


Have you used any database like airtable or firebase or other one.

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Yes, Firebase will be used

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Good and hope you will complete the app soon.
I like your app and hope you provide aia soon.

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Thanks… I’ll share soon

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I don’t think only posting an image allows you to post in Koded Apps Category. So I changed the category to the Off Topic, at least until you finish the project.


oh im soryy. and Thanks for correcting this


Agreed with @yusufcihan, you should make it Draft or something and post when ready. anyways im exited to know more about your app.


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