How to Make App like deep host

Thank you but i was tried all at first

Yes you are right

I think you know some basics about Kodular
You should first understand how Dynamic components extension works
With this extension, you can create components programmatically with blocks

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I have aleready know this i want to know airtable get coulum and use dynamic cardview and label

Airtable returns data in JSON form
Read this

Thank you but you have any suggestion to make this app in KODULAR

You can make almost all types of apps in Kodular

So, please tell me deep host app tutoraial

Read guides I recommended above

Also read these

But your first link of aia store with admin panel is not download please me aia store aia drive link

Yes I have it, read all the suggestions that the members have made you. Then try doing it yourself, if something does not go well, search the answer to solve it yourself, and finally post here any questions or queries you need to do…

Please suggest any aia store aia with download option

Why man why??

For i want to make awn aia store

I recommend developing an extension directory app only if a great amount of people who download your extensions, work on mobile. Otherwise it will become a hassle for people who are on PC who’d like to download your extension easier.

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If you want free deephost like app then go here

here you get free aia :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

and if you want full app like deephost then you should download this.

Thank you


You should create your own design. Try to use your brain.don’t go for readymade things.

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