How to create app like this

I want to make my app UI like Deep Host Extension Download app (see below video).

I am a Pharmacy student, i want to create an app related to my profession, in which when app opens i want to call a list of drug categories, when a drug category selected, it should call another list of drugs under that category in another screen. When a drug selected it should call all information related to that drug that was stored in a database, in another screen.

When app open it will call a list like in deep host’s app, when one of the item selected it will open information about it in another screen, see below video :

These all operations are internet based and called from online databases like firebase, spreadsheet, airtable, I dont know which, I never used them before.

I hope you understand, how can I do this?
( I contacted deep host, but he is not responsive as always!)


Deephost use android studio to create apps…

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Is it possible in Kodular?

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Have you applied any logic? Have you tried anything? You cannot expect that anyone here will provide you with all design and blocks.
Try something and see if it’s possible in Kodular or not. If you get stuck, members are here to help


if you use your logic then it may be possible

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I have basic knowledge about creating apps but not advanced, I just need to know about which components and database are suitable for my app, i will learn them myself.

Docs are at your help then

Also, see below topic to learn about Kodular, it’s blocks, and components

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Yes it’s possiable in kodular.
You should use dynamic card view and one database airtable or firebase and you should use a storage like firebase storage or cloudinary.
BDW It’s complicated for new app developer.

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I’m already trying it with list view and airtable, i will let you know when it done.

BTW I’m not new here :wink:

Ok :blush:

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First thing is just take reference from deephost extension as a guide you can make more good list just copying is not a good deal

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I’m not copying his app, i just make my app ui like his app…BTW I’m copying his idea :wink::grin:

if you are not cleared about the kodular blocking then simply buy aia from anyone from kodular community, here no one will entertain you for such a whole app design… and above app like deep host is possible from kodular, use kodular dynamic components for that and design as your need.

Hello everyone,

I have tried something.
I have taken a list view image component to call list of drug categories from airtable spreadsheet and one list view to call respective drugs, when list view image element is selected.

Now i want to call information related to that drug when respective element is selected from list view.

I want to call information like as shown in below pictures…so which database is required to store such information in the database and which components are required to show it in the app?

This can be done by airtable, firebase, SQL, just find which suits you.

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I dont know which is suitable for me, what do u think which is suitable for data like as shown in above pictures…

It’s simple. If you need your content/medicine info to be dynamic(keep on changing) then use any online database like airtable or firebase else you can use offline database like TinyDB

For displaying info you can design a layout as per your wish and then arrange all the info in that layout by calling it from database

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It’s possible. You can create this by deephost custom design listview. If you Wanna pay someone to create this app just pm me.


No. I will take efforts and do it myself…:smiley:

if you r beginner, then you simply use airtable spreadsheet, table like format helps you for proper distribution and controlling will be easy.

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