Drug Dictionary

What is the name of your app?

Drug Dictionary - An app related to my profession!
(In medical language drug means medicine content) :wink:

Describe your app:

Drug Dictionary is a fully online app, fetch data from firebase.

It contains all the information of a drug from its name to its uses.

All data and images are called by using firebase database.

Floating action button to search.
Custom search bar to search a specific drug.

No need to update app, data is updated live.


Introducing Admin App for Drug Dictionary :

Admin app allows me to add new drug, edit or delete information of the drug (drug data) without manually typing or adding from firebase site.

Currently this app contains only 12 drugs, i will add more drugs from Admin app as when i get some time.

Extensions used :

  1. ListUtils - to sort out tags (drug names) from firebase alphabetically.
  2. TextBoxTools - to Capitalize the first letter of the SearchTextBox text, to set textbox input text letters to 25.
  3. LabelTools - to enable copy text of labels.

I would like to thank all those kodular community members who helped me when i got stuck.


And thanks to Kodular.

App Store/Download link:

Download (6.1 MB)

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Nice Job … Really Appreciated…

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Nice work! App looks good.

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Good app. Just a small suggestion
The image of the chemical structure of drug is loaded from online source I think.
If this is the case then in case of no/less network connectivity, if the user tries to open any drug information than alert him/her that the structure may not be loaded properly

At present all the drug info loads except the structure if I access it without internet

Also in side menu show your app logo and name or something else instead of that pink blank space

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Thanks for your suggestions…

Have a look on this…

The app is not yet completed, it is still under development.

Best of Luck with Your App. Happy Koding.

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No I am not talking about this. Have a look at below screen-recording

First if the app has connectivity the chemical structure loads properly. But later on if the connectivity goes off then everything loads except the chemical structure

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Thanks for your suggestion…

I have did this…

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