Material Recipe | Dynamic Recipe Book App Using Deep Host Custom List View Extension & Airtable

What is the name of your app?

Material Recipe

Describe your app:

A Simple Material Design Dynamic Recipe Book Application with grid view look.

For grid view i have used deep host custom list view extension.

all the data is fetched from airtable database



App Store/Download link:

MaterialRecipe.apk (4.9 MB)

AIA file (Paid - $10 / Rs. 700)

Paytm -
Paypal - PayPal.Me

after payment contact me on telegram at @techcvr_com , I will provide the aia and payment section block screen shot

[**extension not included, you have to buy the extension from deephost and import it in the aia. **]


can you tell me how you upload the time in airtable and display it in app

Just like I display other data

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yep… you got that right… and also its free :laughing:


is this aia for android?

yes… its for android… you cant make ios apps here…

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I want to get the .aia file but in paypal the amount $0.00, please how can I get the .aia of the app?

just edit the amount to $10 and pay, and send me a message here.

How much I need to buy this extension…?

grid view extension cost is Rs 100 / $2. you an buy it from playstore - deep host application

Can I make listview,grid view and app store view with this one extension that was said by deephost …?

yes… thats y i purchase it

How did you manage to make the extension work?

It only works for me in Companion.

In the exported APK it tells me the registered number of WhatsApp or something like that.

I changed that for my number, but it does not work and I could not contact the developer

When colum got then add created time as value in variable

contact him through his channel - YouTube

no you are wrong… here the time represents the total time required on a particular recipe. you have to make a column for this in airtable and then display it in app

Can you tell me how you make layout with bottom dark shadow like in this app.

which screen your are talking about??

Which website are you using for the Recipies?