Material Recipe | Dynamic Recipe Book App Using Deep Host Custom List View Extension & Airtable

(Vishal) #1

What is the name of your app?

Material Recipe

Describe your app:

A Simple Material Design Dynamic Recipe Book Application with grid view look.

For grid view i have used deep host custom list view extension.

all the data is fetched from airtable database



App Store/Download link:

MaterialRecipe.apk (4.9 MB)

AIA file (Paid - $3 / Rs. 200)

Paytm -
Paypal - PayPal.Me

after payment contact me on telegram at @techcvr_com , I will provide the aia and payment section block screen shot

[**extension not included, you have to buy the extension from deephost and import it in the aia. **]

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can you tell me how you upload the time in airtable and display it in app

(Vishal) #3

Just like I display other data

(Robert Crum) #4

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Ipset is a delicious food! :joy:

(Vishal) #5

yep… you got that right… and also its free :laughing:

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(saroj) #6

is this aia for android?

(Vishal) #7

yes… its for android… you cant make ios apps here…

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