Jober- Job application

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Jober- Job Searching & Posting Application

In this app user can register them selves either as employee or company. if user choose theme selves as employee then, on their dashboard they will see all the posted jobs. and other hand if user registered them selves as company then they can post their job in jober application. and they can stop to showing their job or they can start their job to display or they can permanently delete any jobs that they posted on jober application.
So lets see the features:

Maintenance screen:

Main App:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Login and registration screen for employee and company
  3. Employee:-
  • All available jobs
  • User can filter the job for their city
  • Professional detailed screen for each job
  • Profile
  • Search
  • Logout
  1. Company:
    Post the job
    All posted Job
    User can stop or start to display that particular job
    Contact us

  2. Update popup

  3. Advanced Alert Notification

Admin app:

  1. Register employees
  2. Register company
  3. Update the app
  4. Enable or disable the maintenance screen


Test Apk:

Jober Main App

Data based and third party Used:

[NOTE: After you buy this you will get the Main app aia + Admin app aia + Guide Video + 24/7 Support ]

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Nice UI :+1: :+1: Good Job :+1:

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Thank you @D_Apps

Beautiful design :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Excellent work.

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Thank your @The_K_Studio

Amazing work @Earn_Money_online
Loved the UI. :heart: :blush:

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Thanks @Kshitij

Have Spelling Mistake Bigeest To Biggest

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This design is perfect! I can’t stop looking at it :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for feedback

Thanks @WatermelonIce

Ask for jobs problem

App is updated check the app now. Updated app link provided in main post

The same problem continues

The UI is fantastic!
Great work @Earn_Money_online


Thanks @Coder_Pro for reporting problem and Thanks @Atom_Developer

How to open up with job seekers? If this problem is solved, I want to buy it.

Problem solved check 1st post

And you also get updated app in aia store

How much would be the cost?

Hi its cost is 999 Rs/- and in which currency you would like to pay?

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