[Upgraded] Musico Pro+ Profesional Music App

Hi there :wave:!
We are excited to announce that the upgraded version of our Musico app, musico Pro+, is now available for sell! This version has more extra features than the previous one. We have also improved the quality of the UI design, making it look professional and minimalistic.

Download from aiastoreshop

Demo Apk:

  • In the Musico Pro app, you can enable the lyrics option to view the lyrics of music, as well as switch to the cover view.

  • While music is playing, it is possible to control the music from the notification panel.

This is not done yet this app also contain the following features:

  1. Minimal Splash Screen
  2. Intro screen with music playing in background
  3. Professional Dashboard screen
  4. Search Feature
  5. Promotional Image Banner Slider
  6. Category’s in musico Pro
  7. You can find artist wise section
  8. Enable or disable the lyrics view
  9. Enable or disable the Cover view
  10. Add music in your favourite list
  11. check your favourite list
  12. Run music in Loop
  13. Run Music in shuffle.
  14. In app update
  15. Maintenance Screen

With main app you will get the admin app as well.

The admin app contain the following features:

  1. Update promotional banner image slider
  2. Add music for artist and in any category
  3. Turn on or off the maintenance screen
  4. Turn on or off the update popup from the Admin app
📌 More Admin Screenshot:

How i can earn from this app?
you can place the advertisement inside the app and can earn the money

which database is connected?
This app is connected with the airtable database.

What will i get with this aia?
You will get the main app aia + Admin app aia + Guide Video + Database Link + Customer Support

Where can i purchase it?
You can DM me for this


Download from aiastoreshop


We’re only using the music, poster, or other materials in the app for demonstration and testing. Please don’t respond to this post about copyright infringement. Thanks!

For more free or paid aia download the aia store app:


Musico Pro+ New Update :heart_eyes:

New Update Version 2.0 Existing Features:

  1. Purchase Premium
  2. If not Purchase Premium Then ad will display
  3. Minimal Login and Registration with OTP.

If you are interested then just message :love_letter: me in your language I am here to help​:telephone_receiver: you.
Be Happy :blush:!! Keep Koding.:iphone:

Download from aiastoreshop

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Did You compile This Version after Kidular update to Api 33?

I have your Last Version it was working perfect but after kodular update Firebase Auth stoped woking

What Auth do you use for this Version?

same issue i am getting as well with firebase auth. i saw the google signing extension some where you can go with that.

Are You speaking about This?