Aia file export issue

Hello Everyone,
I am Virat Singh. I have created an music player app named Songly. When I created it without login and signup system it exports into app and works. But when I created login and signup system it doesn’t exports after all when I exported its aia and tried to import into my another kodular account. No error message comes but also aia cannot be seen in the kodular projects or open when imports. Can anybody tell me please how I can work mork?
Pls help me.

Welcome to the community.

You are using firebase authentication so

  1. Make sure that google-services.json is in assets.
  2. Make sure it doesn’t have a number, like google-services(1).json.
  3. The package name of your app, and the package name you provided to firebase to download “google-services.json” MUST be the same
  4. and finally check if firebase url is missing from json

Pls tell me anyone what to do?

Hey Moderator,
Thankyou for helping me but can you tell me about firebase database which link will be in which column. Can it be because my project has so many assets?

For firebase authentication you have to follow above guide’s steps. As for the importing aia in another account problem how big is your aia ?