Movies Pro Streaming app

Movies Pro- Movies and streaming app


Today i gonna introduce you with Professional movies pro app. this app contained the pro features that you can read in the features section of this post.

Attractive Feature:

The Main attraction of this app is video player. in it i used the custom player with that user can forward the video to the 10 sec or they can rewind it to 10 sec. or user can increase or decrease the speed of the movie. with that they can see the dubbed movies in that specified languages. Here is the screenshot of that

Maintenance screen:

All Features:

  1. Introduction screen (Video In Background)
  2. Registration screen
  3. Login Screen
  4. Home screen
  5. User can see the Trailer, description, poster, category of movie.
  6. Custom video player (Forward 10 sec, Rewind 10 sec,Volume controller, Speed controller, Language switcher check house full 4 movie for this )
  7. Profile
  8. Saved Playlist
  9. Contact us


What i will get with the main Aia?

Main App + Admin App + Guide Videos

How much is price?

From UPI: 999 RS/- Only
From Paypal: 13$ + 2$ (TAX) = 15$

I wanted this project or i have doubt?


Apk File:

Login Details:

Mobile Number:
[This is not original number don’t call or whats app on this number, if you take a look on number then you will realise the number is reverse from 0 to 1]

[email protected]@

Official Aia store app:
If you wanted the aia of deephost like app, wallpaper app, ecommerce app, movies app, youtube like list view, twitter like app, ect. then download the Aia store app.

Is this support kodular fenix?

[For Custom player you need to buy one extension or you can use alternate player here (For this i was provided the guide video)]


another great app from you. keep it up


Great UI, Please remove your mobile number from Profile Screenshot.

Its not my number its reverse number from 0 to 1 :sweat_smile:
like 0987654321


Great app as always…
Take this.



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Very nice App design with professional UI. Looks good.


Very Good Bru.
Your UI is Always Eye Candy.


Thans @The_K_Studio


Thanks @Kshitij, @ice @ramrajput200021

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Great work… Barak Allah بارك الله

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Thanks @shahidnazirsn211

You guys are great! By the way, can you share the player

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Good designer BR0.

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I make that player by my self.

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Thanks @ashishthakoor58

ur app is great like best ui than ott apps . but thay have many movies does this app has?
playstore will reject ur app cuz there is multiplex signs whish hotstar has

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I used this image is for sample, and all things are used for sample no commercial use can make for this. ansd yes you can use this aia for other things as well, you can make your yougtue viudeo collection here, or video story app.