Movies Pro Streaming app

Would you make a video player guide?

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He didn’t make this for commercial purpose


Yes, i can but for this you need to buy one extension, that show the video in background.

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also how about sharing :wink:


You can get the APK file in the first post or you can PM the developer to purchase the AIA.

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Am asking you a question hls custom video player is best or background video extension is best.

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custom video player is not a extension, that background video player is an extension. i make that player by placing the component.


Movies pro proce is update plz check 1st post

Which database used here?

Firebase database

DB is mysql ?

No, its firebase

How can we buy it

I was PM you check your message

How do you create the ui? Or how do you get the idea of such nice ui?

By testing the similar apps, and by taking the reference from google

You could refer to Dribble.

Is possible mysql ?

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If you want you can connect this with any database

Hi i want this aia file