MoviesX - Movies Download and Streaming App (Paid aia)

App Name: Movies Download and Streaming app

Platform: Kodular


  1. Homepage
  2. Sidebar with home, privacy policy, rate us and contact us
  3. Show slider of top movies
  4. Dynamic Categories
  5. Trending Movies
  6. Stream movies in MX player
  7. Download movies in-app with percentage
  8. show movie rating and description
  9. connected to airtable

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Note: All movies in app add for demo.

aia file available on :

Developed by Ganesh and aiacart


Did movies belongs to you.
You need to mention that movies should be added by user which belongs to her.
This is just movie template

hey it is important that in this app movie does not leaked . its your responsibility because you are devloper of this app

for your information we used only one link of movie and some poster of movies and it is for only demo

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If the movie is buyer by anyone then he can use it for making public

I didn’t understand.
No one can use movies which doesn’t belongs to her like any webseries or bollywood, hollywood movies or any tv serial or more

No he can not. You pay for a movie to watch it yourself, not share via an app or let others view and and get money for it.


but you should have license atleast

a license to look at it, not a license to share.

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This is what called open piracy.

a license which allow you to put third party movies on your app or just apermission

:joy: :joy: you should have the movie producer’s permission, not third party movies license


that is i am taking about

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I saw your topic before. When it gets darker here, My brain gets slower :sweat_smile: :brain:

what it means

Let’s not go #off-topic

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Buyer have to take permission to add movie in app

I thinks so tthe Developer will just provide you the template and not the links of movies.
how to add movie and permission related to it is buyers responsibility.